Sympy and Google Code-In 2011

Posted on January 18, 2012 by Siddhanathan Shanmugam

On the month of November in 2011, I decided to take my coding skills to the next level. I prided myself in being good at programming. I taught myself Python since I absolutely love the language. I had written fairly small programs in Python (roughly 500 lines), and I was up for a challenge.

Google Code-In 2011 was coming up, and Sympy was taking part in it. I was 16 years old at the time, and Sympy was 150k source lines of code. My high school exams were also coming up at the same time, and it was a tough decision to make.

Now that I look back at the event, I think I did the right thing. I made 37 commits to Sympy in a span of 3 months, and learned a lot about bugs in real world Python code while doing so. I didn’t do too well on my exams, but the learning experience was totally worth it. I ended up completing 5 tasks for Sympy under the mentorship of Aaron Meurer. It’s my first contribution to a large open source project, and it will always have a special place in my memories.