I disagree

I disagree with a lot of conventions that people have agreed with. Here’s a list of things which I think should be different, and even if other people do not agree with my opinions, I think they should at least know about it.

Clairnote Music Notation

Author: Paul Morris
Type: Music Sheet Notation
Description: A complete music notation based on the Dozenal number system.
Tags: Music, Math
Link: Clairnote

Dozenal primes are better than decimal primes

Type: Image
Description: Just one example why Dozenalism is awesome.
Tags: Math
Link: Dozenal: Base twelve primes are better than base ten primes.

The Tau Manifesto

Author: Michael Hartl
Type: Mathematical constant
Description: An explanation of why Tau is a better circle constant than Pi. Tau divisions are also Dozenal divisions.
Tags: Math
Link: The Tau Manifesto

An Argument for Dozenalism

Author: Graham
Type: Blog post
Description: An argument for the Dozenal (Base 12) base.
Tags: Math
Link: An Argument for Dozenalism